My Bridal Makeup Service | Milan

Your wedding day is certainly one of the most beautiful and exciting of a lifetime .

Many girls dream of this moment from an early age, imagining every little detail. In fact, nothing should be left to chance : from the location to the flowers, from the decorations to the set-up, not to mention the dress, the hairstyle and the make up !

In these cases it is advisable to always rely on a professional rather than a best friend who has a passion for tricks.

The bridal makeup must be perfect, studied in detail and above all it must fit perfectly to the wearer. In fact, as never before on this day, it is important for the bride to feel beautiful and self-confident. Usually the bride chooses a make-up with which she feels comfortable. If she has never worn a red lipstick she will hardly want to do it that day! 

Equally fundamental is the relationship of trust that is established between the make-up artist and the bride: the latter literally puts herself in the hands of a professional who has to create a perfect make-up. And we know how many expectations are placed on this day!


For these reasons, the bride and the make-up artist will have to meet at least a couple of times before the big event. 

Preliminary appointments allow the makeup artist to get to know the customer, understand what her tastes and strengths are and at the same time allow the bride to test the skills of the make-up artist. 

Once they have tried different tricks, the bride and make-up artist together choose the most suitable solution to bring out the beauty of the bride, and to make her feel more confident on her special day.

There are no rules when it comes to choosing the make-up for such an important day. 

Traditionally the bride often chooses a natural makeup and simple, with a choice of neutral colors for both eyes and lips, but nothing prevents you from daring with more decisive tones. In short, what matters most is to enhance the beauty and personality of the bride.

From these considerations, I think it is clear that there is no place for improvisation. 

The same bride, however good at handling products and brushes, will not be able to do her own make-up: a professional bridal make-up performed to perfection by a professional make-up artist will be the only one who can do her justice! 

If you think he is the right person for you  and you are looking for one professional make-up artist in Milan do not hesitate to contact me!