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Claudia Neacsu | Make-up artist, Beauty Blogger & Content creator

We all have the right to feel beautiful!

Claudia Neacsu
Make-up Artist Milan

I have always been a great dreamer, and of course, passionate about make-up. Since I was a child this artistic and colorful world has bewitched me, to the point of pushing me to attend an academy to become a professional make-up artist.

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Professional Make-up Services

Do you need a special make-up for an event? Do you have a business and are you looking for a Make-up Artist? Find out if I’m the perfect person for you!

trucco naturale realizzato su sara


“The make-up no make-up”

A perfect beauty make-up, thanks to the light and dark technique, is able to enclose elegance and refinement while respecting the natural features of your face. It will always be you, everyone will notice your beauty without the need for a flashy and invasive make-up!

trucco da sposa realizzato per Anastasia


“A unique make-up for your special day”

A perfect bridal make-up does not distort the face, but on the contrary enhances it in the best possible way, giving ample space to the search for the most suitable make-up for the occasion … every woman deserves to be wonderful on her most beautiful day!

trucco per eventi e cerimonie


“A star in the midst of a thousand extras”

Every event deserves to be accompanied by a make-up capable of highlighting your beauty. There is no single reference model: event make-up can give life to many possibilities, depending on the occasion and your personality.

trucco fotografico colorato realizzato su giada


“Always stay center stage!”

It is a make-up dedicated to photo shoots, videos and fashion. In this case I turn my attention to light, and to its decisive role in defining the natural shadows of the face. The skin becomes a palette where you can play with volumes and chiaroscuro, like a Renaissance painter.