My photo makeup service | Milan

You have been asked to be protagonists of a photo shoot? Then you definitely need a well thought-out make-up, capable of making you look your best behind the lens.

Photographic make-up is different from any other type of make-up, especially from what you usually do. The camera filter and strategically placed lights in a studio play a vital role in this regard.

A make-up that is too light and natural risks disappearing completely and small imperfections can be emphasized. The flash is capable of enhancing our beauty but if the face is not properly made up, to emerge will be the “ghost” effect and the dull complexion.

This is why the makeup for a photo shoot has some own rules which are not valid for all other occasions.

In this case you can tread more on your hand, especially when it comes to face make-up: it is allowed create a more covering base , which mattifies and uniforms the complexion.

The result in photography will be much less noticeable, so there is no danger of running into the mask effect .

The secrets for a photographic makeup are few and allow you to exaggerate a little. Although in the world of make-up the golden rule of “Less is more” , in this case we can forget about this principle.

However, there is a limit to everything: layers upon layers of foundation, concealer and face powder are not recommended.

Another thing that photo makeup allows you to do is experiment : never as in these occasions can we dare to look scenic, effective and dramatic that flaunted in everyday life would be a little too much.

Green light therefore in bright colors and details than in other contexts we wouldn’t wear with the same ease.

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